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What is the best way to launch a new business? By leveraging the power of a proven model with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your success.

I4K provides our franchise owners with unwavering support through all phases of training and continued operations as you grow your business – it’s a team approach to success.

Images 4 Kids offers a comprehensive 3 tiered training program that helps franchise owners start fast and thrive.

Phase 1
Upon signing your franchise agreement, you’ll receive immediate access to our pre-training business start-up guide

Phase 2
5 days of intensive hands-on training at our corporate headquarters

Phase 3
Onsite assistance in your territory by one of our account acquisition experts for acquiring your initial accounts, and optional on-site assistance for your first picture day experience.

Franchising with Images 4 Kids means you’ll never be alone in business. After nearly 20 years in business, I4K has developed an amazing training and ongoing support platform. In that time, we have perfected our training and support systems.  We are dedicated to helping I4K franchise owners realize their dreams of owning a thriving pre-school photography business that becomes a dynamic part of their community.

Continued Support
Some franchise opportunities throw new owners in the classroom, show them the “on” switch and send them on their way. At Images 4 Kids, our training and support services extend well beyond our initial training with ongoing support provided throughout the first year of operation and continuing thereafter.

Joining The Images 4 Kids Franchise Family

By choosing to invest in your future with Images 4 Kids, you’ll be taking an important step toward protecting your financial interests for the long run.

We equip our franchise owners with initial training and continued support, as well as ongoing photography training, new set designs, software, web technologies, and resources that accelerate sustained success.

Images 4 Kids Training

When you join us as an Images 4 Kids franchise owner, you be tapping into a wealth of resources for starting and operating your pre-school photography business.

We are dedicated to providing a host of support services to help your business thrive, including…

  • Mobile-set infant to 5 yrs. photography training

  • On-site marketing and account acquisition training and assistance

  • Ecommerce Technology and workflow software to simplify eCommerce, automate sales, and business operations

  • A  dedicated I4K expert to serve as your coach and guide

  • A comprehensive operations manual covering every detail of starting and operating your I4K business

  • Networking opportunities and annual franchise convention

  • Assistance in training  your employees as you see fit

You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but you should love taking pictures (and love working with children, of course). We will teach you everything else!

Our training program will take you step-by-step through every aspect of starting your own Images 4 Kids franchise.

Images 4 Kids Preschool Photography Franchise - Daycare and Preschool Photography Franchise
Images 4 Kids Preschool Photography Franchise - Daycare and Preschool Photography
Images 4 Kids Preschool Photography Franchise - Daycare and Preschool Photography

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